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Aol help is available on "AOL email support" website contact them anytime.


Chat online with an AOI customer care representative

Although the mail service providers extend their support services across a variety of support platforms, still there are many other service platforms over which these service providers extend their support services. Customers can be aware of all the support platforms via the online customer support portals which are available, along with the services provided by them and the contact point using which they can be reached.

The major reason behind extension of services across majority of platforms is the optimization of the immense traffic and congestion which tends to plague the toll free customer support help line network during peak hours. This causes customers to be on hold for long period of time before getting a chance to connect to the customer support team. In order to better cater to such traffic and scalability problems, the AOI Customer Support team extends its support services across a wide variety of platforms.

Apart from the most preferred and frequently used contact point which is the toll free customer support help line number, there are a few other contact points of the users are mentioned below for reference:-

a)      Support mail services – Customers can connect with the customer support team of AOL via their support mail account wherein they can draft the issues and queries which they are facing, and send it across to the team of experts. These mails are then browsed in a first come first served basis, and are then tracked to closure.

b)      Live chat conversation – Users can contact the technical support team via live chat conversation wherein users can ping any of the online available customer support personnel and mention the issue which they are facing via the chat window. In addition to talking to the customer care professional, users can also send in related files or screen shots displaying the error messages that they may have received

c)      Remote assistance – This is one of the high end services provided by the AOI customer support team wherein users can request a technical executive to take a remote to the system of the user. The team of experts can then take a closer view of the issue which the user is facing, and track the problem to its prompt closure.

The AOI customer support team has also published the commonly occurring issues and queries in the customer support portal which users can browse to get a brief idea on the AOI platform, and fix and trouble shoot common issues on the go.

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